Top-Rated Inflatable SUV Mattresses

Summer is just around the corner and so is camping season. Thus, if you are planning to head out to the beach, lake, mountain or even your backyard with your friends or family, you might want to re-think the old moldy tent that you have stored at the back of the attic.

To make your trip a vacation to remember we suggest you consider purchasing an inflatable car mattress. Don’t know where to start?

No problem, our thoroughly curated list includes only the best inflatable car mattresses readily available on Amazon- turn camping into ‘glamping’ with just one click!

Please note that mattresses will appear in a random order, and that by no means we are favoring a specific brand or model.

1. Berocia SUV Air Mattress

The Berocia is a super comfortable mattress with a thickened surface specially designed for outdoor sleeping or camping.

Made of environmentally friendly materials, this air bed is CE & RoHS certified. It is also suitable for all car model as the inflation space is adjustable; thus, you do not need a whole lot of extra space.

Additional Features:

– Fast inflation and deflation

– Cold-resistant, up to 25-below zero degrees

– Pure Copper air-pump, avoiding over-heating even after 15 minutes of usage.

– Adaptable home and car charger.

– Includes three separate air chambers; if you fold the last chamber, it becomes a rear seat bed.

2. WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress


The WEY&FLY is made of high-standard materials and an aerodynamic design. It has a breathable double-sided surface made out of suede, making it very soft to touch, environmentally safe, and odorless.

One of the greatest things about this inflatable mattress is that it is stable against pressure/shock, meaning it can bear the weight of 2-3 people without deflating.

Additional Features:

– Four separate segments for inflation, allowing you to inflate the mat for multi-person use or for a single person.

– Adapts to various weather conditions with ambient temperature range: -25℃to 50℃(-13°F to 122°F).

– Includes a DC 12V easy-to-use air pump.

– Designed for heavy-weight loads (max weight is 260 Kilogram).

– Includes two inflatable pillows.

3. FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress


This new car mattress is excellent for camping and travel, thanks to its extra protective air cushion. Is reasonably small, making it perfect for MPV, SUV, and even a small car. However, don’t underestimate its size, as it is still a full mattress comfortable enough for 1-2 people.

Additional Features:

– Adaptable inflatable pillow

– Child-proof

4. SSDSDS SUV Air Mattress


Super comfortable air mattress with a flocking surface and a 6P environmentally-friendly material.

It is also CE & RoHS certified making it odorless, unlike other brands that use stinky PVC materials. Also, this particular air mattress is entirely adjustable, you can inflate or deflate depending on the space.

Additional Features:

– Extra-speed inflation and deflation.

– Includes a pure copper core with two meters long line air pump.

– Below-zero cold-resistant.

– Folded size: 11.8*9.84*4.7 inches

5. BHMOTORUS Mobile Inflation Cushion


BHMOTORUS’ mattress is made out of a high-quality PVC material that allows it to avoid deformations and bends after use.

It also comes with a high density multi-dimensional flocking mat for comfort. This air cushion is easily inflated and deflated in under three minutes and is self-adjustable depending on the SUV model.

Additional Features:

– Is a three-fold inflatable structure, meaning that both sides of the armrest can inflate according to the width of the body.

– Entirely odorless and non-toxic.

– Includes an anti-burst and self-protection function.

– Noise-reduction design.

6. HIRALIY Car Inflatable Mattress


HIRALIY’s foldable car bed is compatible with 95% of car models. It is made of 0.6mm comfortable flocking top making it super stable and comfortable just like any regular bed.

Moreover, it is entirely waterproof, which makes it more durable against solid grounds and comes with a no-leaking system. Overall, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Additional Features:

– Super resistant, up to 440 pounds (200 Kgs.)

– Easy to clean.

–  Includes a portable electric pump for quick inflation or deflation.

– Firmness is adjustable according to your needs.

– 18-month ‘worry-free’ warranty.

–  Comes with a carry-on bag for easy transportation.

7. LUOOV Multifunctional Car SUV Air Mattress


This perfectly designed air mattress fits 95% of SUV and MPV models. It also includes a thickened top with CE & RoHS certified materials.

LUOOV’s inflation space can be adjusted based on personal need. Moreover, it has separate left and right inflation systems allow it to be a single-person or multi-person cushion.

Additional Features:

– Has a maximum weight capacity of 300 Kgs.

– Includes a pure copper core two-meter long line air pump.

– Strong and tight sealing design.

8. Etekcity Air Mattress


A blow-up bed designed in California; USA built with the latest technology. It has a wave beam inner support structures, allowing it to support up to 650 lbs. (295 Kgs.) It also includes a multi-layer flocked top that is both water and puncture resistant.

The mattress comes with a storage bag, rechargeable pump, and AC/DC adapters making it great for camping, overnight guests, temporary accommodations, and more.

Additional Features:

– Two-year warranty, with a free option to extend it by one more year.

– 24/7 customer service and support team.

–  Materials pass the official US CA Prop 65 tests on lead

– 2-in-1 Valve that allows you to use the inner one for quick inflation (under 90 seconds), and the outer valve for topping off the mattress in small increments to reach your desired firmness.

9. Topfit Car Camping Air Bed


Topfit’s car air bed is a high quality, a heavy-duty mattress made out of PVC materials. It is friction resistant, moisture-proof, and shock resistant.

Additionally, the bed’s cushion includes a comfortable micro-feather surface for extra fluff. This type of mattress is exceptionally great for camping and long travels.

Additional Features:

– Double leak proof gas holes.

– Includes fast inflation air pump.

– Designed with strong, durable sealing to avoid overnight deflation.

– One size fits all car models.

10. Winterial SUV Heavy-Duty Travel Mattress


This inflatable backseat car mattress was designed with a fast and easy set-up that fits in most SUVs and Minivans. It will comfortably fit two full-size adults. Winterial’s bed is the perfect choice for ski trips, camping, and beach vacations.

Additional Features:

– Dimensions: 70″ x 50″ 3″.

– Consists of three folding pieces.

– Included electric air inflator and independent air compartments.

– Easily deflated and stored.

11. RikkiTikki SUV Air Mattress


This mattress is very comfortable and easy to use. It included a fast inflation and deflation process and multiple chambers to easily adjust the cushion to the back seat of your SUV.

It is portable, light, and comes with a universal electric connection. Overall it is perfect for camping or as an extra mattress for hoe visitors.

Additional Features:

– Includes a briefcase for easy transportation.

– Made from PVC materials, it is a strong, resistant, and durable mattress.

– Designed with a cool aslant feature.

– Includes an electric pump with three valves and two electrical outputs, (one for regular electric input and the other for cars.)

12. HAUXINXIN SUV Air Mattress


This high-quality air Mattress is made from high polymer PE PVC, a material that prevents mattress memory and deformation. This is also a non-toxic, odorless material.

The HAUXINXIN can be inflated in just three minutes, and the electric pump comes with an individual input connector for your car.

Additional Features:

– Fits almost any SUV.

– Includes a three-fold structure that will help you determine the expanding size of the bed. Meaning that you can use it at its full extension, or if you have a midsize SUV, you will be able to use half of it.

– Designed with noise prevention in mind.

13. Zone Tech Car Travel Inflatable Air


This easy-to-store mattress is made from washable PCV. It has a secure deflation system at the footrest, making it fast to deflate and store.

Zone Tech’s bed, however, has no pump. Thus, you will have to use your own lungs to inflate it, but don’t worry, it will take less than two minutes!

Additional Features:

– Soft OCV flocking material to ensure comfort

– Extra strength for maximum support

– Durability guaranteed

14. Fochea Car Inflatable Air Mattress


It has a very comfortable and flocking surface made from ecological PVC that prevents odors and is non-toxic; making it great for kids!

It is easy to set up and comes with a silent electrical pump. Excellent for SUV and minivans, can be used in the trunk of your vehicle for more comfortability.

Additional Features:

– Ready to be inflated in about 2 to 4 minutes

– Included an electric outlet for a cigarette lighter’s socket.

– Easy to clean and storage.

15. Goldhik SUV Car Travel Mattress


This beautiful and comfortable mattress will make you want to sleep past noon in your SUV! It has a double-sided brush, making the material breathable and soft.

It also has two parts, and you can use them jointly or separately (for single or multi-person use.)

Additional Features:

– Includes removable pillows

– Adjustable size; thus, you can decide how, where, and when you put your mattress.

– A Manually inflation system, fast deflation process.

– Easy to storage and to carry.

16. DS18 Auto-Mat/ BL Car Mattress


Although it can only be used in the trunk of an SUV, this mattress is super comfortable.  With two separated pillows, this flocky surface cushion is eco-friendly and resistant.

It comes with an electric pump to help you inflate it in just one minute. Additionally, it has an electrical outlet for the cigarette lighter socket.

Additional Features:

– It can be used in almost every SUV trunk

– Supports over 400 pounds.

– It is easy to clean and storage.

17. Nex Car Travel Mattress


This lightweight, portable, and water-resistant mattress – it is all you need if you are going camping!

With a comfortable and durable material, this is a non-toxic and eco-friendly inflatable. Moreover, it is also straightforward to set up; just connect the pump into the lighter socket, and it will begin to inflate.

Additional Features:

– Inflates/deflates in one minute.

– Fits on your every trunk and almost every SUV’s back seat.

– Includes two separated and inflatable pillows.

18. Simoner Car Inflatable Mattress


Made from high durable PCV, this mattress provides comfortability during sleeping while someone else drives.

The mattress is made to provide stability and reduce bump impact, thanks to its design and internal air system. It includes noise reduction and is exceptionally soft!

Additional Features:

– Entirely eco-friendly

– Easy to inflate/deflate with an electric pump, in less than two minutes. — Specially designed for the back seat of your SUV.

19. Evaplus Car Mattress


This luxurious and comfortable mattress is made from velvety PVC material. It is a highly durable, water resistant, and anti-shock inflatable.

This particular mattress will fit the back seat of not only SUVs but also minivans. It has an anti-leak system that prevents air from losing so you can sleep comfortably and without any worries.

Additional Features:

– Non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.

– Two-minute inflation and deflation process.

– Includes an electric pump ready to be connected to the lighter socket in your car.

20. Goetland Car Air Mattress


This is design beauty! It is perfect for your SUV trunk and capable of adapting according to the tires position. It is three folding pieces, so you can decide how to use it and distribute it among the trunk.

This PCV reversible material is eco-friendly, water, and cold resistant. Great for kids and adults, and although it is designed for your car, you may also use it during camping, beach trip or even in your home.

Additional Features:

– Includes two flocking pillows.

– Comes with handy pump adaptors and a case for transportation.

– Offers two other repairing patch’s kits in case of leaking.

As you can see there is a plethora of options! We recommend you visit the links provided and choose the inflatable mattress that best suits your needs and budget.

Overall, these are all great options, nonetheless the right fit will depend on the use and purpose you want to give it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Long Do Inflatable Beds Last?

This depends on what brand you are using, the material, and the use of the mattress.

These mattresses are often made to last between 5 and 10 years.

PCV is a highly durable and resistant material. Most of the inflatable beds are made from this material. Although some can vary, 95% of inflatable mattresses are made from PVC.

There is another essential factor that you must take into account, the use you give to your mattress; if you often travel and sleep most of your journeys in your car, there are some chances that your mattress lasts less than what is expected.

However, if you make, let’s say, 2-3 yearly trips, and you use the bed twice per trip, that mattress should last very long, maybe more than 10 years.

Furthermore, we recommend you store it in a clean and dry area to preserve it better!

  1. Will It Cause Back Pain?

These kinds of mattresses are designed for short uses. You might use them for traveling, camping, beach trips, or maybe for receiving family or friends at home, but it is not recommendable to use the mattress for a long time.

This material is specially designed for folding, storage, and transportation; it is not intended for daily use.

Nonetheless, in some cases, back pain will occur no matter what, depending on how the person sleeps. If a person has a proper posture, typically, there should not be any back pain.

But if you decide to use the mattress daily or extend its use for more than two or three weeks, there are more chances that you suffer for back and neck pain and even a headache.

In this sense, it is vital to follow fabricant instructions regarding the use and carefully read its safety recommendations. And remember, you should always keep in mind the purpose of these mattresses.

  1. Is It Safe for Children to Sleep on Inflatables Beds?

Although most of the inflatables are design with the whole family in mind, you will find some restrictions when it comes to small children. Although PVC is a non-toxic material which comes with several derivations when mattresses are manufactured, you can never be too careful.

Again, it is essential to follow instructions from fabricants as some of these mattresses are separated into two or three parts, and they can be harmful to kids. Furthermore, you do not want to leave your children sleeping without supervision inside a vehicle.

Overall, there is no legal prohibition for kids to sleep on inflatable beds, but you are likely to find some warnings.

For instance, you will read in your mattress instructions or manual that kids under 3 years must not be left alone on the mattress. Moreover, make sure that your kid is in a proper position to avoid suffocation.

  1. How Do You Keep an Air Mattress Warm?

Within our list, we mentioned several inflatable mattresses with cold resistance systems. Those beds that do not have said system are less likely to keep warm air inside.

When sleeping on cold weathers (especially below zero temperatures), it is recommendable to inflate your mattress and have a duvet or fleece cover on top.

Moreover, take into account that there are several manufacturing companies. Thus, you might want to buy a mattress from one that offers those with a cold resistance system if you plan to travel to places where there is a cold winter for you and your family’s safety.

  1. Do You Have to Deflate the Bed Every Time You Use It?

There is not a rigid instruction regarding this issue. When you deflate the

mattress, you are giving it some ‘rest’ and preparing it for the next inflation process. Deflating the bed every time you use it will improve the life of your mattress.

Thus, if you leave, for example, your mattress inflated for one week, it might begin to lose some air after the first three days.

In the other hand, if you deflate it every time you use it you will be using the mattress at its best performance due it was inflated to its max capacity and that’s what it is for.

Using your bed without deflating it and letting loose some air might deform your mattress and reduce its use for a long time, this can also break it and create some leak problems.

Although some instructions won’t tell you what to do regarding this topic, we highly recommend that you deflate and inflate your mattress every time you use it.

  1. If My Inflatable Mattress Breaks, Can I Repair It?

Inflatable mattresses are not like an ordinary mattress, and thus they have a shorter life span. Like we mentioned above, this can range from 5-10 years depending on how well you take care of it.

If your inflatable is punctured and you feel like the air is coming out faster than usual, or that there is a hissing sound you might need to patch it up.

Most stores carry specialized patches for inflatable beds, however, if you cannot find them simple duct tape will serve as a temporary solution.

Keep in mind that your bed will never be the same and that you might experience some slight discomfort after ‘fixing’ it. Thus, we suggest you purchase from a brand/store that offers at least a one-year warranty.