Things To Help You Sleep


One of the many things in life that I’m sure most people would look forward for at the end of their day is hitting the bed, closing their eyes and letting the sandman do his work so they could drift off to the land of dreams. But sometimes, people suffer the kind of tiredness that won’t let you sleep and leave you restless, forcing you to twist and turn on your bed in hopes that if you close your eyes long enough, you’ll end up drifting off to the wonderful world of dreams.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and you’re left even more tired in the morning than when you when to bed that night. This isn’t something that people should just ignore and brush off, thinking that maybe it’s just a phase they have to suffer with their sleep but never, never, brush the issue of sleeping off like that because sleep is essential for our beings. There are actually many ways to be able to combat this sleep issue and there are also things that you can get to help you get a better good night’s sleep.

Three Ways to help you Sleep at Night

Although there are things that are meant to aid you to have a restful night’s sleep, there are still some simple remedies that could help you sleep like a baby. So before we delve into the wonderful things humans have invented to cure sleepless nights and help deal with insomnia, maybe you should check out the simple remedies you can you for your sleep intervention.

  1. Lower the room temperature.

Falling asleep in a hot room is almost impossible unless you’re really tired and burned out. But on casual nights, a high temperature room isn’t an ideal place to fall asleep this is because when you fall asleep, the temperature of your body changes wherein the core temperature lowers down while the temperature in your hands and feet would rise up.

Like mentioned, it’s hard to fall asleep if you’re too warm so it’s best if you set the thermostat in a lower or cooler temperature would be the best solution. Although it’s important to note that there’s no ideal lowered temperature meant for you to get your optimal sleep because this is actually based on a person’s preference.

  1. Don’t sneak in a nap during the day.

This tip is for students who really can’t help it but sneak a 15 minute ‘power nap’ that eventually turns longer than that because of how drained they feel with studying. While naps are good and beneficial too, if you’re the kind of person who has trouble falling asleep at night then naps probably aren’t the best idea. There are studies that actually show that naps can cause trouble to some adults and affect the quality of their sleep during nighttime.

  1. Don’t look at the clock.

There are moments when a person suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night. If this happens to you, don’t look at the clock because chances are, you’re going to end up obsessing on what time it is and how much time you have left to have a good night’s sleep before you have to wake up in the morning. According to research, ‘clock-watching’ is actually a normal things for insomniacs which is why they end up having trouble falling asleep because they obsess and worry about how much sleep they’ll end up getting.

  1. Listen to relaxing music or sounds.

Music’s been known to improve sleep and it’s been claimed that it’s been used for those people combating chronic insomnia to help them fall asleep. There’s been a study wherein 24 adults were played sedative music and they’ve fallen asleep while listening to it. This only shows how significant relaxing music or sound is to help people fall asleep at night, especially when they’re having trouble doing so.

Although white noise machines could be of help because it’s considered as a relaxing sound that can help an individual fall into a peaceful slumber, relaxing music can actually do the trick too. Music’s a great sleep stimulant so it’s not a crime to try it out.

Things that Aid you to Fall Asleep Better at Night

Below are a list of things that people swear have helped them fall asleep better. Maybe these are things that could also be beneficial for you and help you with your issue of falling asleep:

1.    Essential Oil Diffuser, by PuraSense


Lavender has been claimed to help calm, relax and soothe people into sleep and this claim is actually backed by the National Sleep Foundation. Now, with the popularity of essential oils, you can simply incorporate the scent of lavender in an oil diffuser and fill your room with the scent that will help you relax and put you into a good night’s sleep. The best thing is that if the scent of lavender becomes too much for you and you get tired of it, there are a lot of other options laid out for you to use.


2.    White Noise Machine by LectroFan


While silence is comfortable and can also be one of the lure that can put a person to sleep, it becomes dangerous when your mind starts working a mile per minute and you end up thinking of a million other things that will keep you up at night. This is where a white noise machine comes in because it drowns the silence and evidently your thoughts and puts you into a deep slumber.  The thing about having a white noise machine in your room is that it not only stops the silence that you’re bound to be in but also any noise that might affect your sleep.


3.    Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea


There are some people who are used to sleeping with someone beside them or maybe you’re the kind of person who misses someone which is why you’re having trouble falling asleep. The thing about having a weighted blanket is that it gives you the sense of security and warmth that you get when someone is beside you. Another thing that it does is that it actually stimulates the serotonin and melatonin in your body, two hormones that can help with your sleeping distress by helping you become stress-free for a peaceful night’s slumber.


4.    Wedge Pillow by Brentwood Home


Comfortability is key when it comes to having a peaceful sleep at night because who wants to fall asleep when your back is hurting? The design of the wedge pillow (which actually looks like a wedge of cheese hence the name of the pillow) is meant for people suffering back pains because of the sleep position that they prefer. Get yourself a wedge pillow and say goodbye to the number of pillows you have to stack up and say goodbye to the back pain that you end up suffering because of it.


5.    Memory Foam Topper by DreamFoam Bedding


The Sleep Help Institute states that replacing your foam every seven to ten years is essential. This is because that changing your mattress helps you fall asleep better but considering that buying a new mattress is a bit expensive and way out of your budget sometimes, then purchasing a mattress topper will surely be the best solution. Many people have claimed that purchasing a memory foam topper has been a blessing for them and they claim that it feels like they’re being cradled whenever they sleep on their memory foam and this is because memory foams are designed to distributes a person’s weight evenly on the bed.

6.    TRTL Pillow by TRTL


“I loved the first TRTL Pillow that I bought but I ended up losing it during one of my many trips which is why I bought another one. That’s how much I adore this travel pillow because it’s so comfortable to use during flights and roadtrips.” – Jane Beldings, TRTL Pillow Review

From mattresses to pillows to even weighted blankets, most of those items are meant to help you fall asleep when you’re at home. But what about when you have a ten-hour flight to your vacation destination and you need to sleep on the plane? This is where travel pillows come in because they’re designed to help you be comfortable during flights and to help you fall asleep during one, despite being in an enclosed can that’s meant to bring you to your destination.


7.    Nag Champa Incense Sticks


Incense sticks are really a blessing when you can’t afford an essential oil diffuser or even an air diffuser. It’s a great option because there are soothing and calming scents available that are meant to really calm and soothe you into a peaceful night’s sleep. Although scented candles can also be an option when you don’t have air diffuser or essential oil diffuser, incense candles can also provide you with the same calmness and soothe you.


8.    New Moon Tea Co. Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea


“I am in love with this hand-blended brew that I drink before I go to sleep because not only does it rehydrate me but it also takes the stress that I feel from a day’s work. The mixture of lavender and chamomile, spearmint licorice, rose and lemon balm have sure been a heaven-scent mix that surely does help you fall asleep and calms you down for a good night’s rest.”

Calming teas are also a thing. It’s been believed that if you have a cup of tea before bed, then you’re able to fall asleep easier at night when it’s time for bed. The New Moon Herbal Tea has the same intent when with their product because their intention is to make sure that you fall into a sound sleep.

9.    Snowe Bathrobe


“I’m one of those people who love to tuck myself in a fluffy bathrobe, put on a good movie or series from Netflix and fall asleep while it continues to play while I’m in my fluffy bathrobe. This bathrobe’s been exactly the bathrobe that I’m looking for when it comes to comfort.” – Helen Johnson

The level of comfort that people prefer varies from one individual to another. If you’re the kind of person that finds comfort in slipping in a comfortable robe and falling asleep while wearing one, then make sure that the robe you have in your house has the level of comfort that you aspire to bask yourself in.

10.White Noise Application for iOS and Android


The white noise machine has already been mentioned in the list of things that can really help you fall asleep. But with the advancement of technology and how brilliant the minds of people are now, they’ve also managed to create an application that functions the same way as white noise machines does too. All you have to do is simply download the application on your phone and turn it on whenever you go to sleep and it’s meant to create the same white noise sound that a machine does and it’ll also drown out any noise that’s keeping you awake and the silence that has the tendency to force humans into drowning in their own over-thinking thoughts that will cause them to stay awake even more.


Sleep is essential to human beings to help them function and work better in their day to day lives. But sometimes, restlessness is a factor that people aren’t immune from and more often than not, the sleepless nights gets us every time. Although technology has been a blessing to everyone and how it has greatly applied convenience to most people’s life, there’s no denying that it’s been the main factor and issue with how it affects people into sleeping later than their usual sleep time and evidently, technology paved the way for social media to be in our hands which made it even more difficult to stay away from it and it kept us awake longer than we should be.

So if you’re a person suffering from many sleepless nights because of technology, over-thinking, restless nights where you end up twisting and turning in your bed and keeping track of what time it is and how much sleep you’re going to get if you don’t fall asleep soon, then the things listed will surely be of help. Remember that sleeping affects your health so stay healthy by sleeping healthy.