Sleeping Gadgets That Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep

Hello! My name is Charles, and today, I want to share with you 7 amazing gadgets that will help you improve your sleep. About 4 months ago, I wasn’t sleeping very well, and during the day I was irritable, tired and, honestly, very unproductive.

So, I decided to start my Internet quest for sleeping aids, finding several items that were readily accessible and easy to use. After a couple of weeks, I could see a radical improvement in the quality and time I spent sleeping.

Some of the specialists I consulted, state that 80% of the world’s adult population suffers, at some time in their life, difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep. Stress, anxiety, or excessive night noises are some factors that contribute to this problem.

To facilitate sleeping or to enjoy a continuous night’s sleep, I will introduce my favorite gadgets. Most of these, have been specially designed to promote sleep with relaxing effects or by ensuring absolute silence.

In addition to this, some of them can record the depth of your dream, its duration, and many other exciting facts!

If falling asleep is not an easy task for you, or if you wake up every two minutes, you’ll highly appreciate this list:

1.   AGPTEK Sleep headphones Eye Mask


Sleeping masks have evolved, and they have jumped on the technology wagon.

This specific model has integrated headphones that allow you to fall asleep by listening to your favorite music or to the rhythm of nature’s relaxing sounds.

We can connect it to our mobile or to other devices by aux cable.

AGPTEK’s mask also includes a noise cancellation system that ensures the total isolation of surrounding sounds.

The materials used in manufacturing, help the mask to adapt to any face shape quickly; thus, you do not need to worry about being disturbed by it!

Furthermore, it is essential to note that since I have been using it, I fall asleep in just a few minutes.

2. BelovingShop Knee Pillow

Specifically developed for people who sleep on their side, this pillow is mean to be placed between your knees to achieve a correct posture.

In theory, it allows your legs, pelvis, and spine to get perfectly aligned. This posture enables your body to relieve stress by preventing pressure points and can also help avoid joints’ pain.

Sure, it might be awkward at the beginning. But it will only take a few good night’s sleep to get you to use it!

3. Dodow Sleep Aid Device


When I was doing my homework, I read that Dodow’s manufacturer ensured that there are more than 200,000 people who fall asleep with this device every night.

Admittedly, this instantly caught my eye! As I continued reading, I found out that most of them had difficulties sleeping due to mental agitation, chronic insomnia, depression, and nocturnal awakenings (just like me.)

This ingenious device is a luminous metronome that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally. Meaning that you don’t need to take medications or spent thousands of dollars on expensive mattresses.

Overall, the nightly routine promoted by the Dodow Sleep Aid Device ranges from 8 to 20 minutes. However, if you fall asleep before it ends, the machine will turn off by itself.

It is all about learning to synchronize your breathing with an ambient light that slows down your metabolism and allows your body to relax. Results are truly amazing!

4. Phillips’ SmartSleep


Prepare for this next-level gadget! This wearable piece is placed on the head to measure the brain waves that occur when sleeping.

In this sense, the machine can detect periods of deep or lighter sleep. By emitting personalized sounds, the Phillips’ SmartSleep make sure you improve the duration and quality of this first stage.

Moreover, an application records the improvement over time and provides tips and suggestions to continue doing so. Although it might be expensive, this is a totally new stage for sleep improvement.

5. Withings Aura Smart Sleep System


This gadget is composed of two elements: a sensor that is placed under the mattress and a lamp with light and sound.

Thus, while the first detects how we move during the night, it records our heart rate and breathing patterns, the other measures the temperature, quality of air, and amount of light in the room.

With all these data, it generates a relaxation program based on the light in which the wavelengths are varied to favor the secretion of melatonin and to adjust sleep cycles. This is definitely another WOW!

6. Sense


Few dream managers look as cute as the ‘Sense,’ this was what really caught my attention. But, when I used it for the first time, I became a real fan! The circular piece interacts with a unit that connects to the pillow.

And this combination really works together in order to measure ambient light, noises and temperature to achieve a proper sleep profile.

Sense has a smart alarm. Also, it comes with 15 reactivation tones. Like many other gadgets, it works really well with a free app (which is used to track sleep habits.)

Thus, every morning, this application provides a sleep grade that is evaluated based on all the data from the sensors in the bedroom and the way you slept.

7. SleepDoc+


This can be a cheaper version of some other gadgets that I have mentioned above. It uses low power radar with artificial intelligence to monitor the sleep and can be used by several users simultaneously.

How? Simple it has a 5-meter range.

The device takes into account data such as heart rate or breathing to offer health information and tips to improve it. Please note that you can only buy it directly to the manufacturer.


As you can see, there are various gadgets that you can use to improve your sleep quality and feel much better. You don’t need to try or even buy all of them!

Simply read the reviews, do your own research, and see which is the best fit for your condition (and budget.) If you are a tech aficionado like me, I definitely recommend you choose one of these seven devices.

They not only work miracle but are full of great techy features that you can appreciate.

Good night!