Bed Sizes – What Are The Different Mattress Sizes

Size matters… 

especially if you are shopping for a specific person!

The mattress you buy for your baby will not be the same you buy for your spouse and yourself.

In this guide, we will talk about the different sizes and what makes them unique.

Small Single


These are crib mattresses sometimes used in toddler beds, perfect for when your little baby gets too big for the bassinet.

They are usually about 30” in width and 75” in length.

Twin Mattress


A twin mattress , sometimes called a twin or a bunk mattress typically is about 38” and 75” length. Aside from toddler beds and cribs, the mattresses don’t get much smaller than this.

This is great for kids who have gotten too big for their cribs and toddler beds and are ready to get into their “big kid” beds.

This is also the choice of mattress for dorming students, people in small apartments, or even using a bunk bed.

You might even see this in a guest bedroom.

Twin XL 


80” long and 38” wide, a Twin XL is great for grown-ups who want to save space but still be pretty comfortable.

You can actually put two Twin XL mattresses together on a king-size bed frame. This is good if one person likes things firm and the other plush.

It’s a great way to get mattresses in the door when the door frame is only so large.

This is a real winner for those people who need different styles of mattress. Plus, there are plenty of choices available from a basic comfortable mattress all the way to a luxury style one with memory foam.

Full Size Mattress 


54” wide and 74” long, a full-size mattress sometimes called “standard double”.

This is great for grown people who need more size than what a twin bed can offer you. This is not the best choice for those with sleeping partners as it can be a tight squeeze.

If you sleep with a pet, such as a medium to large dog, or your child co-sleeps with you, think bigger than this particular bed.

You might even go with a “double XL” which is excellent, it gives your legs six more inches to move.

The measurements are 54” by 80” in length, so if you are a bit of a taller person, this may be a mattress for you.

Queen Mattresses


A queen mattress is a 60” width and an 80” length mattress. It is great for everybody, and is long and wide enough for sleepers of all styles.

If you sleep with your pet, your little one, or spouse, this may just be the bed for you-and chances are it will be a perfect fit as many people find it the right size for them.

An Olympic Queen mattress  is a bit wider and comes in at about 66 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is perfect for those of you that do not need much extra width, but happen to be taller and need that extra leg room.

King Size Mattresses


A King size mattress is definitely a sign of comfort to come. It is 76 inches in width and 80 inches long. This is good on size and generous in that aspect, but unless your room is 12’x12’ it is advised you look for something else.

This is good for couples, people who sleep with kids, or people who sleep with pets but need some more room for themself.

Remember, two Twin XL Beds is equal to one King bed. Box springs can also come split up and make it easy to get inside your house.

You may have also heard of a California King mattress. It is 72” wide and 84” long, so it is great for those that sleep with their kids, pets or spouse.

It is good for those who are tall. It is 4” longer, but narrower by 4” when compared to a standard King bed.

You should have a room that measures 12” by 12”  so that you can comfortably fit everything into your room as well as your bed.

The Takeaways

When you are on the lookout for the best mattress that suits your needs or your child’s current needs, you should keep a few things at the forefront of your mind:

  • If you plan on going bigger-that is, upgrading your current mattress to one of a bigger size, think of all the ramifications. You may need a bigger bed frame, bigger sheets, and also you have to measure and make sure your room can comfortably fit the bed inside. Know the measurements of the current mattress so you don’t accidentally buy the wrong one.
  • If you will be moving to a new residence, go in with a tape measure and record your findings. This will help you as you shop around for a new mattress to go in that room. In the hassle of moving, it would be terrible to have the driver show up, unpack your mattress and then realize it simply won’t fit! Avoid wasting time and money by measuring ahead of time.
  • Ask yourself: Who will sleep in this mattress? For just one person, a Twin XL might just be fine. But if you are with somebody when you sleep, then opt for something a little bigger so you can be fully comfortable while you rest. A queen bed is typically a good place to start. But, if you can afford the cost as well as the space, King would be the ultimate in comfort as well as luxury, and will guarantee that everybody has a place for restful and productive sleep.

In Closing

Now that you are aware of the different sizes and types of mattresses, it is easy to choose which one is best for you.

Mattresses may not be the most exciting purchase a person can make, but buying the right one guarantees nights of great sleep which lead to better performance at work, school, and social events. Happy shopping!