Latex Mattress Reviews- Top Reasons to Try a Latex Mattress!

When someone says latex, no one thinks of comfort. In fact, you probably thought of rubber, hot and all around terrible to sleep on.

Now imagine, a natural, eco-friendly and allergy free latex. One that is both comfortable to spend a long night on and get a great night sleep.

It’s not impossible, it’s just unlikely unless you know where to source one.

What Do You Want in A Mattress?

With the rise of at home delivery mattress, the days of having to test out at a store are limited.

Yet, with so many options, there seems to be only two choices, the traditional mattress with a box spring or a memory foam with varying thickness.

Latex mattress combines the best of both of these. What do consumers like best about switching to a latex mattress?

  • Natural Springiness

Most consumers report that the latex comes with a natural springiness, eliminating the need for a traditional box spring.

It also won’t disturb your partner in the night. Latex structure makes sure that no movement will transfer in the middle of the night.

  • Better than Memory Foam

Other consumers report that unlike memory foam, the latex mattress can support their shifting weight. The mattress will instantly conform to their many positions and also won’t sink.

  • It Stay’s Cool

Memory foam can trap body heat. A latex mattress can make sure that it stays cool for even the hottest nights.

This works, because it allows air to flow freely. The open material structure of the latex helps provide a refreshing sleep all night.

  • Eco-Friendly

The mattress material sourced from the sap of the rubber tree. It doesn’t need any harsh chemicals and reportedly environmentally friendly.

The natural materials also allow it to have a life span of 10-12 years, before replacement. Not to mention they are fully bio-degradable.

I Can’t Find or Afford A Latex Mattress! 

Not to worry, there are a lot of misconceptions about who can afford a latex mattress or if their even right for your lifestyle.

While some latex mattresses can reach as much as $4,000, most come lower than that range.  Know that you will expect to pay a little more for higher durability, but not in every case a tight budget can still offer many different options.

You can find many on Amazon from direct supplies or search large online mattress retailers.

You should know before buying how latex mattress are ranked for your own personal comfort. A mattress is ranked between 12 and 50, with 12 being very soft and 50 very firm.

If you would prefer something between than anything between 25 and 31 will work great. If you’re having doubts about one you ordered, it can take up to 30 days to break in fully.

The latex mattress is flexible for the keen consumer. The only exception is if you’re the part of the 1% of the population with a latex allergy.

Yet, most of these cases are due to direct contact with latex. Most latex mattresses will come with a casing, but you can always find more about latex allergies and mattresses.

What to Know Before You Buy?

A good online retailer will have both a credited website and reviews of their product. You should always research first by the price and size that you’re looking for in a sale.

  • Look for the Trial Period

An online retailer will usually have a risk-free trial period where you can try out your new mattress.

This protects the consumer by allowing them to have at least 100 days to try out the mattress, allowing for a full refund.

Make sure to double check before ordering and a good retailer will be happy to answer any policy questions.

  • Online Returns

Most times a retailer won’t have a return fee or delivery fee. Some do offer a service to pick up your old mattress or will take the return for you.

Make sure to check before ordering, in case you have to move the delivery yourself. It’s best to make sure to double check for shipping costs and if you’ll need to move your old mattress yourself.

  • Are You Covered?

You’ll want to make sure the retailer comes with a warranty. This will make sure that if the package is lost or damaged, you can return or get a full refund.

It can also make sure that in some cases, that if something unexpected happens, such as the mattress doesn’t fit on the bed frame itself.

  • What About the Old Mattress?

Some retailers have the added option of hauling out the old mattress for you. However, you should be prepared to get rid of your old mattress yourself or find additional service to make room for the replacement.

Sleep on Latex Mattress


Sleep on Latex is a brand that makes exclusive green and eco-conscious mattresses and bedding. Their materials are made and sourced from a factory in Sri Lanka.

They have a range of mattresses from twins to king size, starting at $595.00, but also include green pillowcases and toppers. While they are a little more expensive for a starting latex mattress, the quality is unmatched.

Ranked by consumers on Amazon, the reviews speak for themselves. Sleep on Latex also has a 100-night trial period and if you wish to return it, they will pick up the mattress for free.

Lucid Mattress


If you would prefer a hybrid mattress that combines the best of foam and latex, then you need the Lucid. Their website boasts a wide range of options that depends on even the most particular sleeper.

You can choose between firm and soft or foam and latex only. They have options for thickness or toppers only. They have a range of mattresses starting only at $206.00, but also come with the option for an adjustable base.

While they are a little less expensive for a starting latex mattress, the unmatched range. Lucid comes right to your door and will be compact until unrolled.

Brentwood Home


If you are looking for a pure eco-friendly mattress and high quality, then the Brentwood Home is for you.

The L.A. based company has over 30 years in crafting a sleep experience, offering a 25-year warranty and a 1-year sleep trial.

Their latex mattress uses materials like 100% organically sourced latex, organic cotton, and foams certified by CertiPUR-US.

Their mattresses are a bit more expensive starting at $1,349.00 but are considered by many to be the best in luxury mattress options.


While these are only 3 examples on Amazon, the truth is there is a lot of variety in the marketplace for latex mattresses. You simply have to follow the guide above to make sure that you are going to find the right fit for you.

They have definite benefits, that can help if you are searching for the non-traditional mattress. Make sure you find one right for your space and budget, but you’ll no doubt be glad you switched.