I Will Show You How to Get to Sleep in 5 Minutes

You can absolutely learn how to go to sleep instantly if you know the right methods.

There are absolutely natural and safe ways to get yourself into a peaceful and rested state, and they do not require you to go to a doctor, drop bundles of money on expensive medicines, or do some other crazy tricks.

Best of all, none of the methods we will show you today are dangerous or unhealthy. And, they work for all members of the family, even the babies.

Yes, we all know kids who just can’t sleep, even though they have been given food, a clean diaper, and hugs/bedtime stories/other method of sleep.

And if you or somebody you care about is affected by sleep apnea, we can show you ways to get over that and fall asleep in a relatively short period of time. Sleep apnea is scary, and we can absolutely help you and your loved one find a natural way of handling it.

Machines and surgery are dangerous and expensive, but our method can be done right at home.

Stay with us to learn how to fall asleep fast.

1.  3 Minute Exercises

If you need a way to cure sleep apnea and snoring, and a way to do it fast, then you have found what you seek!

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program is a super way to get yourself asleep fast. It just uses methods that classical singers use to open up their breathing passages to make sure they are ready to give their all when performing their songs.

It takes only three minutes, and you can do these exercises anywhere. If you feel a little silly doing them around your family, just go into the bathroom and close the door. But, be ready, because they work!

If you do this every day, you may be cured of your snoring in a matter of weeks! We highly recommend you check out the video on this, as it tells a great story of a guy just like you who managed to overcome the problem he had been facing for his whole life.

It is easy to do and, you need not spend a load of cash on making this work. Anybody can do them, and you will love the results.

2. Check out Meditation

Meditation is just one way to help you get to sleep faster. But, it really helps. Yoga is another great method by which to sleep. Being mindful is a third way we can use to get into a state of good sleep.

The natural practice of yoga encourages healthy patterns of breathing and movements of the body that release the stress and tension your body has collected throughout the day. Doing yoga is not only a great way to exercise, but it is also a way to unwind after a long day.

Meditation is amazing, and you can even do guided meditation simply by clicking onto YouTube and searching for some guided meditation videos.

Be sure you can do these videos in a way that the light does not inhibit your ability to sleep-for instance, you can cover the screen with a cloth while you lay and listen in your bed. These videos are sometimes an hour long, but we bet you won’t last that long!

Being mindful is great, too-it helps you stay focused on what’s at hand-getting some rest-instead of worrying about the present.

Try writing down what worries you before you lay down. Getting them out of your brain and onto a piece of paper may help you sort them out and put them aside.

3. How to get to sleep in 5 minutes: Baby Edition


Thankfully, there are gentle and safe ways we can help our kids fall asleep. You can definitely sing to them, play with them a little or even hold them close and rub their back until they snooze. But for some babies, you need a little boost and some help from a fellow parent.

The method shown to us by Baby Sleep Miracle has kids falling asleep in just four short minutes, leaving you to get some rest for yourself or tend to other household needs that you wish to get done while your child has a rest.

This video and product intrigued us, because it seemed way too good! But, other moms presented themselves with their adorable kids and showed off how great their kids were sleeping.

The method is safe and easy.

First, release any tension your little one has by laughing with him. You can laugh by tickling, playing with toys, or just looking at something that’s funny to you.

Second, don’t let them go to bed too late, it may make them stay up longer!

Third, be sure that you provide a gentle background noise for the baby. The best one we found was right in the program, and it really works!

4.  Get Some Exercise during Your Day


Want to fall asleep fast? Tire yourself out! Exercise does wonders for increasing the length of time you are asleep, and also decreases your cortisol levels, which is the hormone related to stress.

Do not overdo this routine, as that can cause you to have poor sleep. And, the time of day when you do the workout matters, too-the best time to work out is early in the morning as opposed to later in the day.

So, once the alarm goes off, start your day with a brisk walk, some yoga, or running around the neighborhood. It’s a free method to fall asleep and helps your health, too!

You can also pick up some hand weights or fitness DVDs if you don’t feel like going outside, or just head over to YouTube and find some fun, free workouts to get started.

5. Nix the Sleep Apnea

In our search to find ways that help people fall asleep in just 5 minutes, we stumbled upon a story that made us feel bad. It was about this guy David, whose sleep apnea was so bad it caused his marriage to fail.

Yeah, that is a very extreme example. But, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. And would you be willing to take that risk? After all, David had struggled with this problem his entire life, and it showed no signs of slowing down.

David went through all the dangerous ideas that you have likely considered: getting a CPAP machine, getting surgery, or some other idea that would be risky. CPAP machines do not treat the condition, they only alleviate the big symptom.


Also, these things are very expensive. Even if your insurance covers it, you have to pay a monthly rental fee and wear it each and every night (the machines are monitored).

They are also rather noisy at times-the newer ones are better but the noise is still bothersome. Also, did we mention they are uncomfortable?

Now onto surgery. It’s hugely expensive, costing anywhere from $3k to $10K. And there are no promises that this surgery will even work.

Plus, David was even told that his problem could come back after a few months. This is no way to live, not when you can try out the natural way that works in minutes.

The Sleep Apnea No More program combines natural treatment plan, herbal remedies, and exercises you can do to make sure that sleep apnea stays at bay.

There are also Ayurveda remedies included that people have used in ancient times that help without the use of expensive machines or medicines.

6. Journal Your Thoughts

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to know how to write down your thoughts and organize them. All you need to do for this journaling exercise is make a list of positive things that happened during the day.

You can talk about saying hello to a friend at work, or buying coffee as a special treat. You can talk about how your family is healthy, how good dinner tasted, and other good things.

It creates a sense of happiness and gratitude, and lowers stress. It gets your mind into a good state and promotes a relaxing when it’s time to go to bed.

7. Read a Boring Text

Grab your insurance policy, or a manual on how to operate the lawn mower. You can also grab a book that you never really liked.

Well, dive in. Start reading. And before you get probably one page into this exciting literary journey, you are gonna be sawing logs and dreaming of finding a better book to read!

In all seriousness, this is another safe way to get to sleep fast. It goes back to the old school days when we would all have that one kid who fell asleep during the lecture thanks to how boring it was!

In Closing

No matter how you choose to approach it, you definitely can fall asleep naturally in just five minutes. Just try one of our methods, and get ready to enjoy the best sleep yet!