How To Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is all about putting you in the driver’s seat of your dreams. You control your dreams and are aware of what you’re doing. This allows you to enjoy better sleep, experience stuff that you never thought possible, and practice skills that you might not get to in real life.

In this article, we are going to talk about ways that you can experience a lucid dream and do it fast.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Most of you are here because you would like to get into lucid dreaming. Some of you probably stumbled here on accident and have no idea what you’re getting into.

The best definition of Lucid dreaming is that you are self-aware in your dreams. This means that you KNOW you are dreaming. You are able to control the dream, explore, fly, and do what is not possible.

So, if you want to do things like:

  • Have an epic adventure
  • Teleport
  • Explore strange lands and meet people

And more, you absolutely can.

Normally, when we dream, we are not aware of what’s happening. You can’t really think about it and make decisions on your own. It is almost like you are watching a TV show with you as the star, but you are not the one controlling the action. When you have a lucid dream, on the other hand, you are aware of yourself and that you are dreaming.

You can make decisions, things, and control the dreamscape. Literally anything you can imagine is within your power.

You Can fly on a gyrocopter, you can meet cool celebrities and people, you can practice speaking to your boss for a raise, or ride on a huge roller coaster. The sky’s the limit.

The reason people do this is to “awaken the mind” or to experience things when they are asleep. When you go to sleep, your brain more or less shuts down, and senses are gone. But with training and practice, unlocking the mind becomes easy.

Are You A First Timer?

One thing to think about before we get into this any further is whether or not this is your maiden voyage into a lucid dream. If you have already done this, and you just want to speed up the process faster, we understand.

But if you are looking to get into lucid dreaming this very night and it will be your first lucid dream ever, there are a few things that you should know before you get going. Dreaming lucidly is extremely intense. The dream is definitely going to be different for everybody. Be sure that you carefully read everything and understand this. It is okay if you don’t want to do this just yet.

It is not dangerous inherently to lucid dream. It is just like sleeping as you normally would, but emotionally speaking, there may be things you are not ready for emotionally. You might, for example, will a friend or family member who passed away to show up and speak to them, only to find you are sad and upset when it is time to wake up and get going. Feeling this way is not common, but you will find that the dream is very real and can be upsetting.

So How Can I Experience a Lucid Dream This Evening? 

To begin this amazing process, you just have to do some basic prework. Get your room or sleep space tidy. Be sure there is no light in your room. Turn off all devices, and computer screens, televisions, and the like. Get the room ultra-dark.

We should also mention now that the steps shown here will involve awakening a little sooner than you usually do. This lasts only seconds, and it just serves as a method of waking up your brain.

You will not need to leave your bed. We call this “Go Back To Sleep Technique” and it just has you using an alarm, waking your mind up, and then getting back to sleep. There are great reasons for doing this: your mind is the most active at REM stage, which happens a few hours before you get up naturally.

If there is time, it may behoove you do go do some shopping for dream aids like pillow spray, incense sticks, or background music that is peaceful. You can also learn some meditation tips for lucid dreaming.

The Steps

  1. Use the remainder of your day studying about lucid dreams.

Until you get some rest, imagine yourself lucid dreaming. Focus on dreaming lucidly. Read about it. Talk to people about it. Think of what you shall do.. Get your mind on the act of lucid dreaming.

  1. Approach this realistically.

A reality check is figuring out whether you are up or sleeping. You must do reality checks at least ten times each day. If you are attempting to do this soon, do at least 25  small checks today before you go to bed.

  • Try to push your finger through your palm
  • Make sure you truly expect this to go into it and only when it does not go through, say “Hey, I am up.”
  • Ask yourself if you are dreaming as you do this exercise.
  • If you’re dreaming, the finger goes through the palm, but if you are awake, it will not.
  • Perform this check many times through your day. It will eventually happen when you dream.
  • When this happens in the dreamscape, the finger goes through, and then you can say that you must be dreaming; meaning you are actually lucid.

This is just one of the many realities checks out there that you can use. This finger palm test is the most effective one, and it helps you get lucid dreaming fast. After his you can look up other techniques and experiment with them if you would like.

  1. Make sure all your screens are off before you go to bed.

Before you sleep, avoid the use of any screens. Make sure your phone is on silent, and don’t watch any TV. Your body has to make the melatonin that makes you tired, and they are stifled when artificial light is present. Melatonin is a hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

If at all possible, turn down the lights or even turn them off completely. Now is the time to relax. This will start to help calm you and get your mind feeling at ease. You can also make use of a sleeping mask, (we will talk about some of the best ones) and you may also meditate.

  1. Set Your Alarm

Whatever time you normally rise for the day, set your alarm for about 2 hours prior to this. If you usually get up at 7, set it for 5. Pick a clock or sound that will guaranteed get you awake but is not so noisy or obnoxious.

You want to get something that is smooth, and easy on your ears. Have the alarm within your reach.  Place your phone near you so you can shut off the device or the alarm without having to get up and without having to open up your eyes. Choose some soft music or relaxing tones like bells, nature or chimes.

Meditation Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

  1. Breathing

In this technique, start by counting up your breaths, up to ten breaths. When you get to 10, start once again at 0. So, you count one on the inhale, and then 2 on the exhale. Then keep doing this until you get to 10.

When you get to 10, start at 0, and keep this pattern going until you have done it about 10 to 20 minutes. If you are new, you will find this easier as time goes on. At first it is going to be really hard to sit there and do nothing.

  1. Relaxation

Lay down comfortably and close your eyes. Relax all the muscles you can. Imagine yourself walking on an island and visualize the island as best you can. Feel the sun on your back, Feel the water on your feet as it goes to your ankles.

You may listen to some guided music or sounds, and you can find these as digital downloads or on YouTube.

As you continue to explore your island, keep one thought at hand: “I am dreaming, I KNOW I am dreaming.” This will make it easier to dream lucidly later on. You are practicing the skill of exploring a world of your own creation and staying calm at the same time.

Write about the experience inside your dream diary. You can do this before bed, or any time over the course of your day to build your awareness. You might also use this as a means of creating a dreamscape. If You want to have lucid dreams about flying a plane, for instance, use this technique to imagine a jumbo jet instead of an island.

Lucid Dreaming Masks

Earth Therapeutics REM Sleep Mask-


This mask allows you to enjoy pressure free and relaxed eye movement. It is contoured to go away from your eyes and blocks out the light to promote restful and deep sleep. This item is free of latex and is super comfortable to fit around your head. The elastic strap is great for a variety of head sizes. You can also wash the item by hand if you accidentally spill something on it.This mask is very beneficial and is also great if you are a migraine sufferer. It blocks out all the light, and the Velcro straps on it add to the great adjustability of the mask. You can make it as loose or as comfortable as you would like.


PaiTre Sleep Mask for Men and Women


This mask is super at blacking out any unwanted light. The nose section fits perfectly over the face and covers up your eyes to make sure no light gets in. And, the material is friendly to the skin. The layers of fabric are as follows: Low and soft memory foam and elastic polyester make up the materials, and you can take advantage of the headband that is easy to adjust for maximum comfort. The adjustable Velcro strap keeps the pressure off of your head, and you can wear this for long periods of time with no worries. Hair will not get snagged in this either! You can read our guide on sleeping masks.


Umimi 3D Contoured Sleep Mask


This blindfold provides total blackout to really enhance your lucid dreaming experience. This prevents any light from coming in and you can absolutely get into lucid dreaming a lot easier in this manner. The material itself is very soft and durable and is also great quality. There is no pressure on the eyeballs either, so your sleep is relaxed and productive. The headband is easy to adjust and will fit a wide variety of head sizes. No matter where you sleep, whether it is your back, your side or wherever, you will make use of this mask and forget you are wearing it.


Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask


You can sleep anywhere super comfortably with this competitively priced sleep mask. And with plenty of good reviews from other users, the value and functionality combine to make a great product you will enjoy using night after night.

You will improve your mood, energy levels and perform better during the day when you get sleep using this mask. The silk is breathable and will soothe skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. And of course, it blocks out the light so that you do not have to interrupt your lucid dreams with light or other intrusions.

It is a simple but effective way to keep that light out and your dreams going strong.


In Closing

Lucid dreaming is truly your ticket to a great place that you may not get to see otherwise. Knowing how to do it is the key, and having the right tools are super important. Get into it today with our tips and enjoy!