6 Foods That Help You Sleep

Mmmm, food. Who doesn’t love the chance to have a snack? Food makes our day interesting and fun when we try new recipes and use foods to our advantage. Runners, for instance, utilize the great energy of carbs to run for practice and win those races.

Bodybuilders take advantage of delicious protein like beef jerky or grilled chicken to get the gains they want.

When it comes to our sleep, there are foods we can consume as a means of getting some more rest. The amount of sleep-inducing foods may surprise you.

And many of them are healthy and friendly to all diets or lifestyles. So, everybody can take advantage of their natural sleep properties.

In this article, we are going to dive into some awesome foods that you will enjoy eating not only because they are wholesome and tasty, but because they are helpful in getting you to rest easier.

Stay with us and get your favorite snack bowl ready, because these foods will have your mouth watering.

1.  Fibrous Foods-Artichokes, Apples, Blueberries, Beans, Quinoa

If you are looking for an excuse to eat more fiber, then look no more. There is the reason now more than ever to consume this nutrient because it helps with your ability to sleep.

Eating fiber was associated with slow-wave, restorative sleep. This was documented in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

The trick is that fiber prevents blood sugar spikes that tend to lower levels of melatonin.

The quality of one’s diet has an influence on one’s sleep quality. Diets that are high in saturated fats, as well as sugar consumed throughout the day, contribute to having poorer quality of sleep.

Even just having a day of high-fat foods and lowered fiber could have an influence on your slow-wave sleep.

Other great foods you can try out are tart cherries, which contain melatonin. Other good ideas are magnesium-rich foods, like bulgur wheat and barley.

Not having enough magnesium could lead to trouble with your sleep. You should also integrate garbanzo beans into your diet, as the Vitamin B6 precedes melatonin.

Many of us think of oatmeal as a morning food, but having some in the evening before bed-or, having oatmeal for dinner on a cold night is one great way to help get those fiber levels up.

2. Eat Some Fish

One way to enjoy some fish is to know that it helps you sleep better. If you love to eat salmon, tuna steaks, or halibut, you are going to love what we have to say next.

The best thing about fish is that it is natural, and we always love to seek out natural ways to aid in our sleep. The secret to fish is that it contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These great nutrients help lower your inflammation and even boost up your mood, to name a few good things.

In grownups and kids, fish is shown by research to improve sleep quality thanks to these Omega 3s. Our bodies cannot produce these, and so we have to get them from diets or supplements.

For kids, Omega 3s helped them sleep longer, one study done in 2014 showed that kids who consumed Omega 3 fatty acids by way of a supplement slept an extra hour per night, and woke up less through the night.

This, combined with other natural ways to help kids get to sleep naturally, means that they will be happier and healthier as they tackle their days and grow.

After all, Omega 3’s stimulate melatonin which is a hormone that helps you sleep. Melatonin sends signals it is time to sleep, and lowers your body temp and blood pressure.

Having low levels of Omega 3s can lead to a deficiency of melatonin-so take a supplement if you have to!

3. Enjoy Some Calcium

Insomnia is a thing nobody wants to deal with, especially when it can be prevented. You can enjoy some delicious dairy foods that help you sleep like yogurts or milk to make sure you are getting enough calcium in your diet.

If you are lactose intolerant, or you follow a vegan lifestyle you can enjoy some calcium gummy supplements as a way to get what you need. You can also enjoy almond milk as a means of getting the calcium you desire.

It goes great on cereal or mixed in with some oatmeal, so you can get fiber and calcium in one fell swoop.

Calcium, after all, has a direct relation to our sleep cycles. Calcium levels are higher when we are in the deep sleep levels, such as the REM phase.

Any disturbances in sleep, such as the absence of REM or disrupted REM sleep, were linked to a calcium deficiency. Once those blood calcium levels were restored, normal sleep also came as a result.

So, don’t hold back on a glass of milk, yogurt cup, or small piece of cheese. It may be the difference between being up all night and getting a decent night’s sleep!

4. Plant Base Oils Aid Sleep Apnea

One great thing about plant-based oils is that they bring loads of flavor to good food. If you’ve ever had Italian bread dipped in olive oil and spices, or Greek dressing, or used coconut oil in your baking, you know how tasty these foods can be.

And, you better keep using them. They provide us unsaturated fats that promote absorption of nutrients, healthy brain function, and good heart health.

If you are overweight and are affected by sleep apnea, it is recommended that you replace your saturated fats with healthy alternatives.

Some suggestions include canola oil and olive oil instead of butter and margarine. After all, if you consume saturated fats in excess, they may cause a rise in inflammation and an increased risk of obesity, type II diabetes, and even heart disease.

You might make a grilled cheese sandwich by putting some oil on top and then grilling it instead of using the usual butter. You can also canola oil instead of shortening when you make your famous chocolate chip cookies.

And when you want to make some French fries, consider baking them or if you must have them fried, use sunflower, safflower or vegetable oil to do this. Flaxseed oil is another great plant-based oil with amazing properties.

You can also use other natural methods like exercises in breathing to get help with your sleep apnea. After all, it sure beats a machine or getting expensive surgery. 

5. Honey, Stop Snoring!

Jar of liquid honey with honeycomb inside and bunch of dry lavender over old wooden table. Dark rustic style, selective focus

If you love honey, then start enjoying it more. Honey can be added to all the drinks you consume during the day such as tea as a means of helping you reduce snoring. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will aid you in clearing out your airways and getting some peaceful rest.

You can find honey at the grocery store or online. Honey can do lots of other wonderful things, too-if you mix a little cinnamon and honey together, for instance, you can safely control a sore throat and the painful coughing that comes with it.

And, because honey is anti-inflammatory, it can help with your joints too-some of us suffer with achy joints and related pains, so this is welcome news. And did you know that mixing up cinnamon and honey is one great way to help reduce bad breath?

It’s true – so don’t worry if you don’t like to chew gum or use those mouthwashes that tend to really sting. This is a great, natural way to fight dragon breath!

Indeed, honey is a great natural way to help reduce that snoring. And one great, natural way to totally get rid of snoring is by way of the natural methods described to us in the stop snoring exercise program.

Don’t let the word “exercise” scare you-you don’t need to run laps or do 20 push-ups. The customer testimony in the program is very compelling, and chances are you can identify on some level with him: he faced ridicule as a child, and even his relationship as an adult was a bit strained before he came to know what these exercises were.

Just check out this natural program, try out some honey, and-with any luck, your partner will say “Honey, I am so glad you’ve stopped snoring.” It’s relatively inexpensive and will do you plenty good!

6. Turkey: Not Just for Thanksgiving Anymore

Just as you may have already known, turkey contains L-Tryptophan. This aids in the creation of niacin, and also serotonin-the stuff that makes you feel relaxed and sleep better.

Serotonin in turn is used to make melatonin, which is that famous sleep hormone.

The truth of the matter is, however, that turkey contains no more L-Tryptophan than other kinds of poultry.

So, enjoy some turkey or chicken for dinner but have a small side of carbs to go with it. You might enjoy a turkey dinner and then a serving of air popped popcorn before bed.

The carbs and the tryptophan work together to boost serotonin, making you relaxed.

In Closing

Yes, you can eat your way to a better night’s sleep! So, make your grocery list accordingly, and enjoy the great rest.