About Us – What Is Sleeping Den?

Sleep is love. Sleep is life.

Sleeping nowadays is pretty darn complicated in today’s world.

This is a society unlike any other. We are surrounded by devices-phones, tablets, computers, laptops. Our cars are even Wi-Fi enabled. Our society praises you for running on 3 hours of sleep, huge coffee in hand, reports tucked under your arm.

Our society frowns at you when you blissfully speak of sleeping soundly and letting work fall by the wayside for a night.

Every hour, in this society, must be filled. Content creating. Updates. Tweets. Insta-stories. You name it.

So, let’s change that.

Want to be a force for good with us? We’d love to have you…

Let’s take sleep from being a luxury we cannot afford and make it accessible to everybody.

Our goal here at the Sleepingden blog is to make you aware, make you educated, and make you feel less guilty about the joy that is sleeping.

After all it is a normal, natural and wonderful thing. It costs nothing. It takes us places that we may not otherwise go by way of dreams. It makes our brains healthy and helps our noggins recover from stressful days of work, parenting, and being good citizens.

Sleep is necessary, and it is nothing to be ashamed or guilty of! It leads to better health, better physical fitness, mental clarity, strength of mind and body, and happiness.

Sleep Is Totally Human

Sleep is the answer to our hectic and busy days full of back to back activities.

It is the time we take for ourselves at the end of the day and sort everything out.

It is the place where dreams, creativity, comfort and hope grow and thrive. It lets us know that at the end of the day we are all just part of the big picture, and like all the other plants and animals in the world, we rely on the sun and the moon to help us stay in sync and on schedule.

Without some good, solid rest, we as a human race are doomed.

What You Will Discover Here

We focus on publishing varied and useful content that covers all areas of sleep. We like to think we take a holistic approach to this beautiful act, and we do product reviews, helpful listicles, fun guides, and interesting informational articles.

We go deep into the subject matter, researching our information using the internet, scholarly articles, our own experience, and the experiences of our fellow humans.

We like to integrate topics of tech, science, psychology, and health.

Each & every article we write is first verified by professional health expert & only after that they are made available to our website. We take this very seriously.

It is our hope you will find the content here fun but also accessible to all.

Won’t You Stay A While?

So, put on your pajamas and bunny slippers. Come stay with us for a little while. We would love for you to discover the joys of sleep just as we have, in a way that looks at all aspects of sleep.

We really want to help everybody get the best sleep they ever had. To do this, you have to stay and check out what we have to say.

Sure, we can publish the content, and we can write catchy headlines. But unless you take a few moments to really see it, we can’t be of any service.

That being said, get some hot cocoa or tea and relax a little. Preferably chamomile, as that helps you relax. Pick out some articles to read and watch yourself be amazed.

You never know what you are going to learn until you start reading…so try us!

And when you are done, we would love to hear from you by way of comment, email or any other form of messaging you like via Contact Us.

Sleep well, friends!

-Sleepingden Team